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Study in Spain

Are you are considering study abroad in Spain, wanting to Learn English or Spanish in Spain or gain your university degree in Spain?
Spain is a great country to study in and is also the nation that has produced some of the best artists like Picasso and Miro to name but a few. Ernest Hemingway lived here for quite some time and many expatriates from around the world have chosen to make Spain the choice of residence. Spain has a very good real estate market, an historic culture, great food, profound and of course some of the best beaches and islands in the world, Spain is well worth considering as an excellent study abroad destination.
If you are a student and considering Spain as a study abroad destination you will need to research educational institutions, accommodation, employment opportunities and laws which will prepare you to study and live in Spain.
Spain's universities combine age-old traditions with modern technologies. Many universities exist in Spain: from time-honored institutions offering students the classical repertoire of subjects such as Medicine, Law, English and Spanish to innovative new institutions of higher education with inter-disciplinary study programs.
To improve the range of opportunities for international students and to meet their interests, Spanish universities and colleges have begun to introduce courses with international perspectives.
English is the language of instruction for the first few semesters in these international courses. Thus the international students can conveniently learn Spanish without their studies getting hampered.
Spain offers a quality of life that very few other countries on earth can equal, you can study in Spain whilst enjoying a lifestyle that is hard to find anywhere else.
So why study in Spain when it is becoming harder and more expensive to study in countries in the European Union? Here are some of the reasons:
  • Spain has the 4th best health care system in the world
  • Spain is blessed with great weather, beaches, islands and an historic culture
  • Spain has the highest annual economic growth rate in Europe
  • Spain has the 4th lowest cost of living in Europe
  • Living in Spain allows you to easily and cheaply travel to other European countries
  • Thousands of new international students are now choosing Spain as their Study Abroad destination of choice
  • Accommodation in Spain cheap and the beaches in the Costa de la Luz area are exceptionally clean
If you are thinking about why you should Study in Spain you should consider the following points:
  • How to make your move to Spain and apply to study abroad there
  • How to obtain a work visa as a student
  • How to teach English in Spain
  • Setting up a company
  • Taxation issues for students in Spain
  • Obtaining a student visa
  • Driving in Spain and how to register your vehicle
  • Cost of living as a student including food, rent, telephones, accommodation and banking
So why not consider studying in Spain and living in Spain and enjoy all that it has to offer you as an international student.


Capital: Madrid
Population: 40,217,413
Area: 505,990 sq km
Language: Spanish, Catalan
Religion: Roman Catholic
Continent: Europe