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Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where various ethnic groups live together through mutual understanding and tolerance fostered over several decades of coexistence. The cultures of these groups form a colorful and vibrant heritage for the peoples of Malaysia as well as its visitors.
Since Malaysia gained independence in 1957, it has evolved into a high technology nation and experienced steady economic progression and rapid infrastructure development which Malaysians are truly proud of.
Malaysia is currently the world's 11th most preferred study destination. According to UNESCO, Malaysia has captured a 2% market share of international students in the fast growing private education sector. With a population of 27.9 million in 2009 and more than a million Malaysian students in tertiary education, Malaysia also accommodates more than 80,000 international students in the beginning of 2010.
Higher education opportunities are abundant for international students at an affordable cost. All students are welcome to come learn in a country of great diversity, rapid economic development and people living in peace and harmony!
Malaysia is the world's 11th most preferred study destination.
Recognizing the potential of the country to become an education hub, various measures have been taken to promote Malaysia as a centre of excellence for education. These include establishing Malaysia as a higher education mobility hub for international students, deploying effective marketing strategies, and setting up Malaysian Higher Education Centers in selected cities worldwide.
With the commitment of the government and education agencies, the welcoming environment and the many successful testimonies, you will discover that Malaysia is a WONDERFUL nation as a choice of vacation, investment and study destination.